Young & Free

Young & Free

I find childhood as the purest stage of life. A child’s laugh is the sound of clear water streaming down from the mountaintop as the young heart is a goldmine. There is just something with the way they go about everyday: curious and high-spirited as always. They never seem to lose energy and to miss the wonderful things in life. Truly, it remains a marvel to me.


Charliz Bear
Say Roar! to Charliz Bear.
The heartthrob Sean.
The heartthrob Sean.

I spent time with some of the world’s most amazing youngsters for a whole week (Imagine!) during our church’s Kids’ Camp 2014. Children from ages 6-13 had a blast joining workshops that unraveled their hidden gifts.

Above all else, I am most thankful to God for allowing us to cross each others’ paths because I have learned a lot from these adorable little people. Being in their presence reminded me of how enjoyable life can be with the right pair of eyes.

Such a cutie Faith!
Such a cutie Faith!
E'm zow cutez!
E’m zow cutez!

‘Cause at the end of the day, we’re all counting on God.

Team God!
Team God!



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