A Pastel Morning

A Pastel Morning

Today, I woke up to a pastel daydream.

Gentle and nostalgic.

So dreamy.
A tummy treat.
The primary colors in pastel make a cute outfit!
With a touch of retro.
Simply amazing.
I don’t mind trying this out.
Yes; even the gentleman.
Pedaling away.
Put your hands up!
Braided Beauty

Braided Beauty

2014’s just around the corner, yet your piggy bank is way ahead of you in dieting. And your wardrobe? A little bit to sloppy for the runway.

What a terrible way to start the new year! But, worry no more. ‘Cause here comes a DIY outfit to the rescue. Just add a pinch of creativity, and you’re sure to turn the junk into some funk!

It's just a couple of twists away.
It’s just a couple of twists away.

There’s no secret ingredient for the spiked and braided t-shirt bracelet and the braided back shirt aside from—you got it—old tees. So, let them have a share of the spotlight and get ready to un-shabby-fy.



Bundle up nicely this rainy season with this comfy yet stylish getup. Enjoy every drop!

Let the happiness pour!

Stay dry and warm while shouting out your school pride. A university hoodie will, without a doubt, keep the fire burning within.

Bring a rugged look to your outfit by putting on a cadet military cap. Your guy’s cap will do, too.

Remember not to lose your chic touch. The classic faded and torn high rise festival shortie will spice up your flawless stems.

Does a pair of shorts sound too cold for you? Treat your legs with these comfy wool leg warmers! It also comes in every color of the rainbow to match your wide range of garments.

Pump up your feet with with a pair of lace up boots that will definitely make you enjoy a walk even amidst a stubborn weather.

These anchor and weaved leather bracelets are a great finish to your rainy season get-up.

Love Philosophy

Love Philosophy

If you think philosophy is just another geek’s thing (no offense meant), then you might have to think twice. Philosophy does not only tackle matters of existence, reality, and other intangible contexts discussed inside a classroom by Professor Humdrum. It goes as far as what a girl probably calls her “greatest dilemma” in life—love, that is.

Still unconvinced? Check the photo below inspired by an article* on the Philippines #1 Teen Magazine, Candy, and be wise in the ways of love!

Take a bite!

  *original article by Jessica Mendoza



Hitting the beach? Here’s an outfit sure to compliment your after-swim tan!

‘Cause you have the beam of sunlight in you.

Don’t let your summer diet go to waste. A citrine yellow pleated halter bikini will aid you in exposing that hardly-worked-for sizzlin’ bod!

Finished taking a dip? Time to put on a sexy tangerine Guipure cover-up! This lacy beach wardrobe has a playful look with its peek-a-boo touch that won’t clash with your two-piece.

Explore nature’s beauty with a pair of Tansania sandals. This footwear will definitely be great for walks as it is simple but elegant. So why not give a late night stroll on the shore a try?

Choose between four rich colors to highlight those luscious lips with. Feline gloss is the perfect way to wrap-up your sunkissed beauty.