Broken Ties

Broken Ties

As we travel through life, we can’t help but make ties with people along the way. It’s amazing how someone you used to label as plain can become extraordinarily special after a few shared moments. But delighting as it is while it lasts, we can’t bury the truth: Everything has to end sooner or later.

Throughout the chapters I’ve read, I became mindful of how relationships work and how they should.

We can take it from Aristotle: “Man is by nature a social animal.” With this, we know that we were not designed by God to become isolated in a ‘playground’ thriving with living beings. If you come to realize that you’ve been spending too much time on a swing, don’t hesitate to get up.

But what’s worse than staying on the swing for too long is to feel like you’ve gone to one when you’re actually on the seesaw. This is where reconsideration should kick in. A relationship can’t survive if it is only fought by a single party. Being the only one who tries to keep connections alive with a person is not healthy. You deserve to be given the same amount of effort and attention, too.

Another thing that cuts deep through us is when we’ve lost our significance to people. But that’s just one more truth we ought to deal with. We have to be open to the fact that our entwined journeys can end with a snap just when we’ve reached the peak.

All the time we have is borrowed. Make the most out of every adventure you will set foot in even if you don’t know how it will end.

Dealing with Failures

Dealing with Failures

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s just too much pressure in the world. Every single day, we wake up to a brand new assortment of choices. Choices that will shape our lives into entirely different contours one way or the other. Whether it’s deciding which career path to take, debating in your head to give someone a phone call or not, or even as simply as choosing to start ticking off items in your checklist or putting it off ’till later—every act we do in our lifetime has an impact. Some we may not realize as of moment, but it will always exist and leave a mark in us.

However, we’re not designed to be perfect. We take a chance. We fail. We try again, and maybe we’ll succeed this time around. But, what if we never do? When can we finally say it’s time to stop and take a different track? Is it right at the moment of defeat? When we’ve given all that we can and there’s nothing left to give?

As a teenager, I am almost through crossing the bridge between the lightheartedness of yesterday and the reality of today. I begin to wonder how life’s going to be after college. Sometimes, I catch myself delighting in things that used to bore me as a child like hours of talking over the phone about guys, makeup, and life in general. My late mother’s counsel doesn’t ring a bell of annoyance to my ears anymore whenever I remember them. Instead, it has become my valued woman mantra. But still, I cringe at the possibilities of what the future has in store for me. The road ahead seems to be dimly lit.

It is during times like these when we need to stand firm and hold our ground. Rise up from the crashing waves, and prevent them from drowning your whole being. Remember to accept who you are. It will do you no good if you’re the first person to put too much pressure on yourself. If you feel really burnt out, try to give yourself some space. Breathe. Do activities which relax your mind, calm your senses and take your thoughts away for a second. Doodling has worked fairly well for me, and so did browsing pictures of interest on the net.

Give your mind a break.
Step into Wanderland.

On another note, it is important to rethink your feelings about the matter. Is your heart still in it or are you just dragging yourself towards the finish line? To be able to achieve success, one must be determined to chase after it. Always keep in mind that mistakes are avenues for improvement. Cheer up! Don’t be afraid to take chances and seize the opportunity to be the best version of you.


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

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Love Philosophy

Love Philosophy

If you think philosophy is just another geek’s thing (no offense meant), then you might have to think twice. Philosophy does not only tackle matters of existence, reality, and other intangible contexts discussed inside a classroom by Professor Humdrum. It goes as far as what a girl probably calls her “greatest dilemma” in life—love, that is.

Still unconvinced? Check the photo below inspired by an article* on the Philippines #1 Teen Magazine, Candy, and be wise in the ways of love!

Take a bite!

  *original article by Jessica Mendoza